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If you came here by interesting in patents data and information of technological company in Japan,
please contact us from here. We can help you, because we are one of the few company which is truely expert in analysis of them.

We ready for offering data and service like below

  • Promissing technological companies list in Japan regardless of company size
    ( we have more than 1000 bright venture company list ).
  • A thourough technological report focusing one company or market which you order.
  • Connection for above companies.

And we have data like below..

Corporate Information

To serve different purposes of users, this data provides company information such as current fields of focus, relationships with partners/competitors and involved inventors from the perspective of technology information possessed by the company, from more than 300,000 corporate data.

Trends by Field

Information of more than 380,000 fields is available. You can check leading companies in the area, technical strength rankings, cases of collaborative research, competitors, new entrants/withdrawing companies in each field.

Technology Information

You can reach as many as 10.5 million cases of technical information. Information in each technology field and up-to-date keywords will satisfy various needs for the users.